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Hip Hip Hooray for ABA

Hey so our little man is going to start in-home ABA soon!!! We have completed all of our parent training classes (man it sucked getting up early but it only lasted 3 weekends in a row) and we got to spend time just together just hubby and I to and from class. The class was very informative and took common sense logic that applies to not just children but a lot of things in life but combined this logic in ways that made you go "hmm that will definitely work better this way". We have seen wonderful results when we stick to it with our daughter so far. It has been challenging with her lately. She has been very defiant and stubborn and has a huge attitude.It feels more like 7 going on 14 instead of going on 8. My little girl is growing up so fast but I want to curb this behavior before she reaches her teens and it becomes a bigger problem. We are hoping that spending more one on one time with her may help. I think that since her brother is getting so much attention with all his therapies and his illnesses having staph infections in his eczema etc is making her jealous. Her bipolar has been really having a toll on our school work lately. Hopefully the IEP meeting we have for her this month will get some good strategies in place and we can get more visual aids and different curriculum to work with. The time4learning.com is going great. We never did get compensated for our review as they indicate on the website (they state you get 1 month free or a $25 visa gift card for a review on their website) but we never got ours and haven't heard back from them. However my mother was nice enough to purchase a month for her so we can get her records still for work samples. We do like the site though and will keep it during the summer and into the fall.

Time4Learning.com Review

We were very pleased to try out time4learning.com for a month. My daughter has enjoyed doing some of her school work on the computer. It allows her a break from book work and gives her a chance to work with a different learning style in beautiful program. I like that you can print out reports of what she has done for the week and turn it in as a work sample to her educational adviser. The parent forums on the site are nice and they also have a special section on the forum for parents in different states to talk and this is a bonus since home school laws vary from state to state. I was a little dissapointed with the lower amount of science lessons for second grade but I did notice that they have a lot more science and social studies lessons for 3rd grade and above than they do for k-2nd. I will be urging my husband strongly to find a place in our budget for time4learning.com as I feel it is worth the $20 a month that the program costs. We will probably continue it during the summer as my daughter thinks its fun and she is learning a lot with it. It allows me to get more housework done while she is still doing a lesson and then we do an enrichment activity to go over what she learned on the site. I do hope in the future they have one printable activity for each lesson in each subject but thats a little lofty for a goal lol.

As a member of Time4Learning, I have been asked to review their online education program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. Write your own curriculum review or learn how to use their curriculum for homeschool, after school study or summer learning.

Preview of upcoming menu

Here are some of the recipes I will be cooking this week
* Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese with Ham
* Chicken Broccoli Cordon Bleu
* Tri-tip fajitas!!!!

Mighty Book Jr - Free for a year!!

I have not been able to look at this site much but I am going to now that we have a free year!!! Mighty book Jr is for k-10years old and here is a link to another blog with info on how to get a free year using the code "learntoread"

Alphabet soup oh my

Good lord what an alphabet soup there is to dealing with autism. So many words shortened to two or three letters and words that are thrown around and it is so confusing. I was supposed to start calling the different aba vendors that our regional center covers but I have been having to deal with learning about hospice care for my grandmother whom I also take care of. I have wic tomorrow and will have to call before that and start talking but I am pretty sure who I want to go with. My daughter has a different diagnosis than my son she has a mood disorder and is being treated for that, however we also have the school district screening her as well and checking for auditory processing and social issues among other things. I think that once kaiser diagnosed her they are unwilling to say she might have any other issues and just stuck a label on her..you can have a mood disorder /and/ a learning disorder um hello...

As for my daughter we still continue to really like time4learning.com as I said before we will have to supplement some stuff like science and social science that they offer and will continue to do book work for other subjects but it does offer a nice way for her to learn her core subjects and have fun while she does it.

Lots and Lots of stuff to do...

So to start with Time4Learning.com..wonderful site! My daughter has never been so excited to do school each day. She is doing the assignments we ask her to do plus more. She likes that she can earn "playground" time. Playground time is an area where they have safe clean games and links to safe sites like pbs kids go. My daughter already breezed through their science section for her grade level so I think we will keep doing our other science curriculum (Exploration Education) for the rest of this school year as well and revisiting any topic they offer on Time4Learning.com in order to reinforce what we have already taught her. I like that you can print out records of what she has done as I can use them for work samples to our charter school. I also like the fact that you can print out worksheets that reinforce what she has learned on the site that day. So far we are very impressed and play to pay for this site monthly once our 1 month trial is up.

On to my son..my son was diagnosed with autism last week. We have been in the early intervention program for a year now and knew that he had a developmental delay, speech disorder, and sensory integration/sensory processing disorder. He also has chronic eczema that gets infected as he claws and scratches it open often despite being on medication for the itching and the eczema. Alta regional center sent us to a very reputable clinical psychologist and he said 100% certainty that my son is autistic. So we met with his alta coordinator today in our home. He will be starting an ABA (applied behavior analysis) program in home soon on top of occupational therapy, speech therapy, warm water therapy, and physical therapy. The services besides the aba will be terminated when he turns 3 and his case for those handed to the school district. We are hoping they do not try and push us into a super long day program at a preschool as our son is just not ready for something like that. We had planned to homeschool him as well but are not against a good day program for him when he is older if it is what he needs. I just do not see putting a 3 year old in an 8 hour a day in school program so I am hoping they chose 1-3 hr a day max program and in home or site based therapies like what he does now. The aba we get to keep after he turns 3 and they will be in our home for probably 30+ hours a week (no more than 40, they deduct how long he is at his other therapies or school program from the 40 and are in our home for that amount of time). I am nervous but I know its best for him. I just get so nervous about people in my home since I am trying to overcome being a clutter bug and will hate if I am judged for being cluttered...oh well..at least the ball is rolling and hopefully we will be starting the process of getting our son on medicaid and ssi so we can take him into the doctor anytime he needs it (it will wipe out our copays of our current insurance since it will be two insurances) and the ssi would definitely help get him any other therapy aides he needs such as the weighted blankets and sensory helps.


So for those of you who may have been hesitating on trying this Groupon business..don't! It is a very legitimate business. We have used two groupons so far. We paid $7.00 for $15.00 worth of food and ice cream at leatherbys, a local creamery here in Sacramento. We love some good ice cream (although we don't necessarily need it since we are all on a quest to get in better shape in our household this year, but that's for another blog entry lol) so this was a great treat. I have seen many people I know post on Facebook about the different groupons they have used. I also think that Groupon is a great way to try something different and explore new restaurants and businesses in your town. I wish I had purchased a Groupon for the Mexican place down the street for me. We ate there and then remembered they were having a groupon for it and by then it was gone. Sad for us but a good lesson.
I do not want to just copy and paste her blog post as this would be rude so head on over to a good blog entry by ISaveA2Z and read the details. It is a legit offer by american express, does not hurt your credit, and you can order up to 3 a person as long as they are in different names. This would be a good way to teach your kids money management or have a card to use for online stuff that you do not want to give your real credit card information to.
ISaveA2Z American Express Gift Card with $25 on it blog

Sorry for weird linky as I am not used to linking to another bloggers articles.

Upcoming Review: Time 4 Learning

I've been invited to try Time4Learning in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so come back and read about my experiences. For more information, check out their online curriculum or learn how to write your own curriculum review.

I have just signed up for our trial month of this service. I will be writing my final review in April but will also be giving updates on how it is working for us every week. We use a charter school and are not independent homeschoolers so the charter pays for the books we use and the non consumable books (such as texts and reusable materials) are returned at the end of the semester. They do not cover the cost of time 4 learning so we are going to be deciding if it is something we want to use as a core curriculum starting next fall for my daughters 3rd grade year.
I am very busy being a full time stay at home mom of two kids. I homeschool my daughter who is turning 8 this year. She is smart as a tack but has some behavioral problems as well as a diagnosed mood disorder. My son is 2 1/2 and has developmental and speech delays. I plan to keep writing in this journal and will be still doing the food reviews but also incorporating entries about homeschooling and more about my kids obstacles and how we are learning to overcome.